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Kajol launched Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Initiative by CSI2018

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On the occasion of the ‘World Heart Day’ Actress Kajol Devgan came specially to launch the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Initiative  by CSI2018 & MCGM at NSCI , Worli . Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) kills one Indian every minute!  This amounts to losing, every year, nearly 20 lac people to SCA in India and about 20000 lives in Mumbai alone. Sudden cardiac arrest is common in the young, people in the prime of their lives (35-60 years of age). A precious life lost, devastating family and society. Survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is dismal, with the probability of only one life saved for every ten victims. Immediate recognition of SCA and early initiation of chest compression by bystanders improves survival three to four-fold. In India, recognition and assistance of a SCA victim is non-existent. It is about time to save precious Indian lives. The agenda of the launch was to highlight the burden of the problem and, more importantly, spread awareness among-st the public about identifying the  SCA victim, calling for medical help, initiating ‘hands-only CPR’ and familiarize them with the use of AED – automated external defibrillator, which is a life saver. It is important to note that cities and countries where media has supported this cause and spread public awareness have saved many more lives. 
Dr. Prafulla Kerkar spoke regarding spreading the awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He also asked everyone to learn regarding C.P.R . 
Mr. Subodh Jaiswal,Commissioner of Police also spoke regarding the importance of C.P.R knowledge. He want every police station should have one AED.
Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ajoy Mehta said- We are thankful to Kajol for associating with this campaign. 
The follow-up to this launch initiative will be the training of public servants (MCGM employees, General Police, Traffic Police, Railway Police and Fire Brigade officers) . It is the endeavor of CSI2018 to educate public servants and eventually the general public so that every SCA victim in India is recognized and receives basic resuscitation measures in good time. CSI2018 & MCGM solicit your support in achieving this goal and saving Indian lives. Lend your hands to save a heart! 
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