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“I Wasted One Year of My Life”– Chandni Bhagwanani


Chandni Bhagwanani famous for her role as Amita in Amita ka Amit is busy with her new film Diksoochi. Chandni started her career when she was merely six; Koi Apna Sa was her debut in telly industry. In an exclusive interview with Telly Chaska, this sweet and bubby Chandni shares about the ups and downs of her career.


How do you take the popularity, fame, and success you have earned after Amita ki Amit?

I have been child artists I have done a lot of TV serial and few films as well, my parents have always taught me to stay down to earth because in my school I was the only one into television. I started flying in the air it was my mom dad how brought me back on the ground.

Because only till you have a show you are a Star better that you always stay down to earth. So yes, I take my fame as a blessing and I am lucky that so many people love me, admire me, and bless me.

How would you describe your Career journey?

I have been blessed with work back to back with only three months gap. So it has been an ascending career life.

What do you think got you this popularity, hard work or the luck factor?

Both because if you have the luck you will get the work and if you get the work you will have to work very hard, both go hand in hand. You need to be hardworking, should not crap about the working hour and dedicate your time to the character.

Which would be your second career option if not acting?

Choreographer, I love Dancing.

What was the diciest decision you took in your career?

It was a show for the Happy channel called which unfortunately never got aired. It was a new channel and I wasn’t sure anyway, but I thought let’s give it a try. That was the riskiest decision and I failed because the show never came, I wasted one year of my life.

What was the happiest moment in your career?

Amita Ka Amit that was my first ever show that gave me everything; I immediately got a role after I came back. After that the first Film that I did Ratham that was like a complete jump to a different level only from television to film. Like seeing myself at 70mm was something very emotional and I felt very happy.

When was your first experience in front of the camera? Do you remember your first dialogue?

I don’t remember my first dialogue but I remember shooting for a cold drink brand, yes I did my first TVC for Coke. I was very nervous but my papa kept on encouraging me saying you can do it, you can do it.

Which emotion is tough to express in front Camera according to you?

No emotion but acting like I am drunk is very difficult, which I still don’t know and it comes out very fake.

Which Bollywood director would you like to work with if you got a chance?

Anurag Kashyap, I love him and i love his work.

Which is your favorite movie from Bollywood?

There are many but all time favorite would be Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham, Queen and now Andhadhun.

If you got a chance to time travel where would you go in time? What would you like to do there?

I would go to my past and change a lot of professional decision that I have made.