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“I am not comfortable with the bolder content”- Zuber K Khan

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Zuber K Khan famous for his role in ‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki,’ as Manpreet Kaur Bedi made his debut in film ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dill’ is currently seen doing the role of the superhero in Manmohini. In an exclusive interview with TellyChaska Zuber shares about the up and downs of his career and also share about the embarrassment he faced in his life.

How do you take the popularity, fame, and success you receive after your movie Lekar Hum Deewana Dill?

I always feel that if you are working hard and with dedication, It’s not about fame it’s about the Big power which comes with big responsibility and if someone is expecting it gives the pressure of work I have to fulfill all that expectation, even whatever the fans are expecting from me. And now it is tougher than the early stage.

 In Mohini, you are playing the role of superhero how easy or difficult is it to play the role of supernatural character?

Yes, I am doing superhero in Mohini I have played supervillain in Shapath and all that long time ago but this is the first time I am playing superhero I am excited and nervous. It is difficult to do all this but I have done Shapath and Aahat so I know all these paranormal activities and how they function but it also depends upon editing and as much as Mohini is concern the outcome and the production value is very good because before signing I had google and seen a couple of episodes of what I am going to shoot and I am happy that I am I doing it.


What do you think got you this popularity, hard work or the luck factor?

Luck is important but hard work is more important than the luck, like the phrase ‘Himmat-E-Marda to Madad-E-Khuda’ which means God helps those who put effort and hard work. So God will make ways and write all the stores according to you generally I do that I work hard and ask for it. So luck matters for me but hard work matter more

The diciest decision you made in your career?

Switching back to TV from film because I have done recently two films because  I mostly got the audience from TV and people to want to see me again on TV and I was taking six month gap and after films I was busy promoting them I was not shooting any TV show but the fans were asking too much that I should do TV again.

Whatever you do, do it with dedication and feel the rest to the god and risk is every day even stepping out of the house is also a risk



Share one happiest moment from your career.

Initially when I won Mr. India, then the first film and many more but most I feel happiest when I see myself onscreen and secondly when I get the cash for it.

Which is your favorite platform among film, telly and web series?

Now through the web series is trending but I’m not ready for it but I got a few offers might be because of my physique. Personally, I am not comfortable with the bold scene and bolder content .so yes both mediums are love, it just like big brother and small bother

After doing TV I find work in the film much easier because in a film you only have to shoot once but in TV, you need to shoot for whole day so I think both are good and both the platform requires hard work but web series is not in my mind I am only looking for TV and film

Which is that one career dream yet to achieve?

Many are there, there is a big list of it and I am the kind of person who Plans and achieves the small dream and then tries to fulfill it.

Which was the toughest phase in your career?

In the beginning, I was very raw from Bhopal and I did not know how to carry it all and where to go, so after the struggle of 8 months I got my first advertisement then I work very hard on my talent and on my physique in Marshall art, dance, and horse riding.

Which would be your second career option if not acting?

I have not thought for a second career option but yes I have done engineering. I love the field and whatever I will do I will do it in this field only

One funniest incident you had on your sets.

Once I slipped and I felt much embraced and I tried to hide it up by pretending that I did it intentionally but it was hurting very hard.

.One of your favorite movies which you like the most but made you cry a lot?

The movie I did made me cry I cried on their release day when I show myself on the big screen because I had put in a lot of hard work and also on my first day first show.

Which Bollywood director would you like to work with if you got a chance?

I am fond of Imtiyaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap I love to watch their work with then they are my favorite director they are legends

If you got a chance to time travel where would you go in time? What would you like to do there?

I don’t want to go anywhere in the future but yes in the past I wish to change something but the entire thing in my past have made me what I am today

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