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“I said  I am not a girl to make Tik Tok” – Bhavin Bhanushali

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Bhavin Bhanushali is a Model, internet influencer and TV actor. Bhavin became famous from Tik Tok App including musically as “bhavin333” and he will be next seen in the movie De De Pyaar De in the role of Ajay Devgan’s Son. Bhavin Bhanushali will also be seen representing Akshay Oberoi’s child Aryan, in the show ‘Hum Tum and Them’ an ALTBalaji series. Aashika Bhatia, who is popularly known for her stints in Bollywood and television daily, will also be seen portraying a pivotal role in the series. Bhavin Bhanushali in an exclusive interview with Telly Chaska talked about his mantra of success, his struggles in the early phase of life and thing he wants to say to his fans.


How do you take the popularity, fame and still manage to stay down to earth?

 Because I have grown from zero and it’s not about luck, because when someone gains it by luck it happens in a night but I have earned it, I have worked very hard. I have seen myself from zero and now I have like 6.1 million approx fans on Tik Tok, so yes I remember my root and that helps me to stay down to earn. I even try my best to reply back to all my fans.

What do you think got you this popularity, hard work or the luck factor?

I believe in hard work if you work hard and it’s written in your luck toh anyone will surely succeed

Which would be your second career option if not acting?

Singing, because I have been a lead vocalist in my college band and I have won a few competitions also. Soon I will be coming on the YouTube platform and there I will start making the cover songs, might be in a month.

How was your first experience in front of the camera?

Only because someone told me that you have good looks I started giving an audition, I was not a good actor then but still I got some work out of auditions. But I thought I will do it but it wasn’t easy because I was never an actor and good looks do not certify that you are a good actor. So, on the sets, I found it a bit tough but now I learn it all from each different characters I play. Now people say that I am a good actor and I will continue to learn from each role I play.


One of your favorite movies which you like the most but made you cry a lot?

Tare Zameen Par was the movie, I cried when I was younger because my family use to tease me saying “ab tujhe bhi boarding bhej denge”

Which Bollywood director would you like to work with if you got a chance?

Anurag Kashyap, he always keeps everything very real and I don’t think ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ se achehi film  koi Bollywood ko de sakta hai  and every person who had worked with him in the film is now at a great position like Nawazuddin Siddiqui or Manoj Ji or any  actor, so the film came like a blessing to Bollywood and other directors would be Imtiyaz Ail and Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Can you share a humorous incident from your set?

Generally, I play pranks with friends and people around, so once I was on a set where I push my co-actor into a swimming pool later it was known that he had all his stuff like wallet and phone in his pocket. He was was a very chill person so when he came other he was laughing and suddenly he realized that his phone and all the other stuff in his pocket got wet, I repaired it all for him. But it was a very funny situation I still remember it.

The riskiest decision you made in your career?

So I wanted to be a Tik Tok star, I didn’t have good likes then, many of my friends suggest that I need to be very consistent and active on the platform, so for this, I had to leave acting. I sat back home for 2 months I did my livelihood on the saving which I earn from acting. But the risk taken was worth it. Now I am earning well from Tik Tok what I earned annually now I am earning a month from the event and brands.So yes it was risky, I could have stayed unemployed but it was worth the risk

Recently I went to Ahmedabad for a meetup, so I expected only 200-250 people would turn up to meet me but then when I reach there, around 800 + people had arrived there. Though there were 15  to 16 Tik Tokers, the whole crowd wanted to meet me and were cheering up my name and that was the time when I got emotional and supremely happy.

Which is that one career dream yet to achieve?

I wanted to be an actor, I made it. I wanted to be aTik Tok star, I became one and now I want to do singing hope that I even make my name in this field as well.

Though I might get tired of hopping from here to there everything is well planned on how much input I have to be given to which field. Since that 2 months I have learned to work thing out together, ‘De De Pyaar De’ and ‘Hum Tum and Them’ all this are an indication that my main focus is in on acting only.

Which was the toughest thing you did in the early phase of your career?

Back then when I use to get a scene where I had to eve tease a girl or something like that I was not very comfortable, it was very tough because I really respect girls and the acting never came from the heart that was clearly visible while I acted it out.but lucky my directors managed. I am kind of a gentleman person.

(Laughing) Initially, you do not get to play a heroic role, firstly you will have to play this kind of side role.

A smart decision you made in your acting career?

So recently I was offered a television show with ‘De De Pyaar De’ movie but I decided to do the movie over the tv show because I felt that with a show I might earn a handsome amount but with a film, I will earn a name and dignity among the people. I will get the respect and casting directors will also know me for my work. So I feel that yes deciding to do the film over the tv show was a smart decision

A mantra you follow to achieve success.

Quality work with quantity content, you need to focus on both equally. While making quantity content you can’t overlook quality.

And if you do the work that you enjoy then you are bound to attract success because I like to make Tik Tok videos and now I am traveling to different places and also earn out of it, I don’t feel like I am working, it feels like I am living my life and getting paid for living it.

If you got a chance to time travel where would you go in time? What would you like to do there?

I would like to go in the past and would like to change some things like my mom dad say to join Tik Tok early when all my fellow artist where earning and make follower but back then I said  I am not a girl to make Tik Tok. Now I realize that if I would have joined and started early by today I would have made few more followers but I don’t regret it I am happy that I started on time and have achieved this, I had never accepted that I will make this far.

What would you like to say to your fans?

So everyone in the industry, some of the other time get trolled and hate comment but I am very glad that my fans love me so much that I haven’t received such comments. I wish that my fans, my well-wishers keep loving and supporting me like this always, and I promise them to keep up the good work.

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