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“It was my first show and I decided not to do TV serial”- Sana Amin Sheikh

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Sana Amin Sheikh is a cute, girl next door girl in the telly industry and is best known for her lead role as Aradhya in Krishnadasi, as Suman in Jeet Jayenge Hum and as Lajjo in Gustakh Dil. She has also worked as a radio jockey on the show Khubsurut Sana Ke Sath on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Sana in an exclusive interview with Telly Chaska spoke about her love for television and her interest to work with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

How do you take the popularity, fame and still manage to stay down to earth? 

I am down to earth, people say I am a regular girl but while doing TV I always felt like it’s my job and I am doing my job. I love the performing art, I love to perform. It’s more like I go to work, I come back and then I again become a regular person, I come home and I cook and everything that a regular person would do. 

So in summer I wear cotton salwar suits and roam around in the market and sometimes when people recognize me and then they say we saw you in some serial or I am your fan that is the time when I realize what am I doing.

But then its fine people don’t trouble you much in Bombay. I am very comfortable like that and I like to be myself, I don’t like to pretend like celebrities.

Which would be your second career option if not acting?

RJ was not a career option it was my first career but now I am full-fledged into the television and radio has taken a back seat but if ever I have to take a break from an actor I will surely approach a radio station and tell them I am keen of doing a show. Besides that I am only doing these things, I can do something in music and something an actor I haven’t thought of anything other than that.

How was your first experience in front of the camera?

It was nothing shock as I was a child actor before I became an RJ, I did the serials called ‘Hasratein’ on Zee TV  and also a serial on Doordarshan, so as a child actor I had already faced the camera and cut from childhood I started doing radio since I 19 years and I was also very confident on Radio.

I was very well aware of the technical term of the Industry and nothing was new and when we start we had a workshop for 15 days. So we were very comfortable in the environment.  

One of your favorite movies which you like the most but made you cry a lot?

I am a very old school person so there was one movie named ‘Masoom’ which starred starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi. So whenever I see this movie I can’t stop my tears.

Which Bollywood director would you like to work with if you got a chance?

So I have already work with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in my first daily soap call Jeet Jayenge Hum and he was playing the role of father, though that time he was not as well know as he is now even then he was a wonderful artist. So I think now I want to work with him once again and I want to observe the way he does his thing from walking into the studio and how he builds up the mood and everything.

I even auditioned for a film in which he was there but the film didn’t come in my part but agar nashib me hoga toh I would love to do something together.

Your favorite Director you want to work with from Bollywood?

Zoya Akhtar, Imtiyaz ail and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, I don’t mind assisting them as well. 

Can you share a humorous incident from your set?

I think while I was doing Gustakh Dil my co-actor Vibhav Roy was very funny, he didn’t know he was funny and he uses to get scared of anything that fled like a bird and all.

So one we were reading in a garden and some duck flew in. so Vaibhav got very scared and started run and the duck started running behind him that was a very funny situation the whole unit was laughing.

Which among Television, film or web platform is your favorite?

I would love to do web because no one has even approached me for Web because most people think that I am from daily soap artist, so once the movie Bomfard gets released, at least it will have some impact and people will know that I have also done a movie.

So all the media are very close to my heart and I would love to explore the web and TV is close to my heart because it is bread and butter and Film is something that we do only for creative satisfaction.

Which is that one career dream yet to achieve?

There is no career dream as such, I just want to do good work and till now I have done a very good project, and I want to keep increasing the level of good work, I want to do better than the past project or at least to its level.

I don’t want to do anything that will make me guilty and think I don’t want to see myself on TV, I want to do good work, that I can be proud of my own work.

Now, I am also a part in Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘Bomfard’, I am playing a character in it and I am waiting for the movie to come as I would know where I am, what I have done and it is something new that I have tried and want to see how the outcomes are.

Which was the toughest thing you did in the early phase of your career?

So very earlier in my career I was a regular employee of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and was working as an RJ, with a Disney original show ‘kya mast hai life’. So what I use to do it in the morning I use to do the Show ‘Khubsurut Sana Ke Sath, and from the afternoon till midnight we use to shoot for ‘kya mast he life’ I use to do that every day and that was so trying, for other actors it was so fun because I had taken up two jobs at a time and both where regular  but  and get back to the Radio business but then the offer  of daily soaps started pouring on  then I got shifted to full-fledged tv serials.

Which type of character do you like to portray?

So I would like to play a very simple and regular girl in daily soap because it is very rarely seen and character which is bigger than life like in ‘Gustak dil’ where I played Lajju is was not me. Because I am a very urban girl from Bombay but Lajjo was from Bihar from a Gao so these characters are very challenging I love playing challenging characters and I am very good with my UP and Bihar dialect, and I loved exploring the UP side.

Then I did a ‘Million-dollar girl’ on channel [V] that was a very regular girl. Although she was from Banaras UP she was a very modern and smart character.

I had got good characters to play and I haven’t done a typical saas-bahu yet, thankfully. In today time not many saas-bahu shows are going on, everybody is exploring new genres and there are very good characters played on the television I am liking the phase we are in right now.

If you got a chance to time travel where would you go in time? What would you like to do there?

Nothing is my concert in the future so that area is blocked and in the past, I have a few regrets, like jumping to direct conclusion or not wait for the right time.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to say that even today I can see so many Krishnadasi and Bhootu fan pages, especially Krishnadasi people, they really loved my and Shravan reddy’s chemistry they still want our interviews together, they make picture collages. It has been 3 years and it surprises me to see the number of fan pages Krishnadasi though I don’t have millions of followers the that no of follower I have they are genuine and they feel like family to me, so I have gratitude towards all of them.

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