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“Criticism is nice because you learn from it”- Digangana Suryavanshi

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Digangana Suryavanshi started her career at the age of 7 as a child artist, Digangana debuted in Bollywood with two films FryDay alongside Govinda and Jalebi under the banner Vishesh Films by Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. She was only 17 years old when she entered the popular reality show Bigg Boss 9 house and turned 18 in the house.

Her current Telugu film Hippi, under the banner V. Creations, is all set to be launched on  7 JUNE. In a recent interview with Telly Chaska Digangana shares about her favorite vacation spot, her fun moment with her pets and her struggles.

How do you take the popularity, fame and succeed?

I don’t think that it is anything that needs to be handled but it’s kind of feeling that cheers me up because its something that I work for so many years. Actually, it feels nice because people know you, so it’s never to a point that it gets disgusting.

I still feel that I am just another person trying to do things that makes me feel nice, I started of acting when I was seven, at that age you really don’t understand what is fame or money or what people knowing you could do to you, so it basically about acting makes me happy this is what I want to do and want to see my self on screen, that is the primary thought and which is still I think as strong as it was all these years ago, so it still gives me the overwhelming feeling when people come to take pictures with me.

What do you think got you this popularity, hard work or the luck factor?

Well god obviously has a plan for everyone and I believe that there is a plan for each and every one but that doesn’t take away the fact that you get it when your sitting  home and not doing anything about it  I mean having managed my education with my shoot everything  is been difficult in personal front, its  miracle ,people think that actress has great skin  but a lot goes into it for getting that because the more you shoot the reckless your lifestyle becomes the  tedious it is to look fresh so it is not like you become famous and you are suddenly a stunning looking princess suddenly  its always a big job for having everything managed in a place  but it is also that push that I willingly want to do it and want to better myself with every project.

Have you ever faced any trolls in your life? How do you overcome them?

One thing I understand is that I do not want to focus on what people might think whereas criticism is nice because you learn from it and you make better things from it. Troll really don’t bother me because only what my close people think matters and I am professionally very close to only a few people.

What do your close friends call you?

People cut short my name with their own convenience level they cut to like Diggi, DG, DJ, Digibaba and I think people do it with affection so I don’t want to stop them from doing that but it is nice to hear Digangana also.

Your favorite vacation spot you would like to go?

So I would like to go to Bombay and stay in Taj I would like to spend my vacation in town because it is close otherwise I would like to go to Jammu Kashmir it is a beautiful place.

What’s your favorite outfit for this summer?

So I really love Indian wears a lot, kurta pajama also works and because it is so hot cotton kurta pajama is just taking over or I like to go out in shorts and t-shirt or pajamas

What is that one career dream yet to achieve?

I want to explore more of different genres like I have done comedy I have done romantic but I have not done a lot of things yet so there is a full bucket to share.

How was your experience shoot for Hippi?

So Hippi is releasing now on 7 June I actually did romantic since first time on screen but I took the decision because it is a part of the story not because we wanted to sell it  like a product, its not like people are going to come to watch this, it is the story  that is important it is the part that cannot be taken out  it is a story that needs a  conclusion like this.

How is the industry down south different from Bollywood?

I think both the industry is technically sound there are amazing people to work with, not a sec that I think I was working out of my comfort zone, or understanding level or work ethics everything was cool. The only difference I found was the language I definitely don’t understand Telegu. So when I was acting I was speaking in English, I had to mug up my line I had a huge line in the film.

Which was the tough decision in your career?

So I think just to understand what you want to do next and to make a firm decision can be tough like for me to decide to not to a daily soap and do Bigg Boss and stick to the thought that I want to do films was really a tough decision. I don’t know who many people understood but I didn’t do anything except for going to Indonesia and a few other things, I did nothing prominent on television or in the film for a year and a half which is a long stretch for somebody like me. Because I have been working since I was a child. For me not being on set for such a long stretch and then to mentally convenience your self that you will. Because I didn’t find any potential debut until Fryday.

What is the best memory you share with your favorite pet?

My mom is really fond of the parrot, the parrot often comes at our balcony we keep food for them and they come they eat and they leave, its like a party for them every day. and I love horse I know horse riding very well, I enjoy being on the field with the horse and that is the best thing.

If you got a chance to time travel where would you go in time? What would you like to do there?

I would like to go in the future and see what I am doing there just out of curiosity.

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