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Mother’s Day: TV Actors Recollect Advice Given To Them By Their Mothers

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When couldn’t find the other half our socks the first one we would call was our mother. And they lady would just know about everything including that silly fight we had with our friend without us even uttering a word. So today when the entire world celebrates her TV celebs also took a moment to remember what’s the advice their mothers have given them.

Sumit Kaul- Rita Kaul is my mom and I am who I am because of her. Obviously, because of what all that she has taught me, but I get my looks and my artistic bent from her as well. The best piece of advice she gave me was, “Treat a woman as you would have others treat your mother, wife or daughter because that’s the measure of your character.” I am always trying to make her proud and she is excited and proud of everything that I do. But one thing that really brought a smile to her face was when she saw a song that I sang for my film Hamid. She is a professional singer and music teacher and was always disappointed that I had moved away from my musical roots and training when I became an actor. So, it gave great joy when she saw me do the playback for a song that was also picturized on me.

Yesha Rughani-: The best advice my mother, Falguni Rughani, has given me is to keep smiling and be myself no matter what situation I am in, no matter I am going through. She has taught me to just my true self and keep smiling. My mother is a perfect balance of being cool and stern, she’s like my friend. The one thing I learned from her is that she’s very open to new ideas, things and she doesn’t restrict herself. She is open to changes and adapts quickly. She welcomes everything with a smiling face and open arms and I would want to carry this attitude in life.

Rahul Sharma- Gayatri Devi Sharma, my mother has always taught me to stay humble, be grounded and love people. She’s a very clear hearted person and that’s what I have learned from her. She’s the reason I am in Mumbai and she’s been a support to my career choice. My mother was very happy when my first show was aired.

Shivin Narang-: The best thing I remember about my mother Suman Narang is that when I started my journey in this industry and no one believed in me, she did. There was a time when I had to get a portfolio done by a famous photographer which cost a lot and I was in college. She gave me the money and that’s when I have learned to believe in myself. My mother never faced a camera and recently I asked her to come with me to a show. It was the best gift I could give her.

Rohitashv Gour- Asha Gour, my mother is a very strong and patient human being and has always taught me to be patient and strong and stay calm in any situation or any problem. She has taught me to never to lose temper and have a positive attitude towards things. She gets happy in small things and she’s a very self-sufficient person. She never expects much from me but has always been my support and happy with my success.

Asmita Sood- The best advice that I have ever got from my mom, Sunita Sood, is that no matter what, never forget where you have come from. It gives me a lot of pride to say that my family is my biggest support and strength only because of my mother. I took my mother last year on a trip to Azerbaijan and Georgia. She was very happy to be on an all-girls trip without any responsibilities of family etc. She had a ball of time after a long long time.

Malhar Pandya: My mother’s name is Bharti Pandya. She always taught me to stay positive and patience in every difficult situation. She says no matter what one should never lose hope & should keep faith in almighty. All her advice has always kept me going well in my personal or professional front. My parents moved to the US in 2005, I could have easily shifted there with them and life would have been easy there but I always wanted to be an actor so I chose to be here and fulfil my dream,I remember the day when I bagged my first Hindi daily soap which was Hamari Saas Leela on colours, I had called to give this good news to my mother, she started crying in happiness and said that I have made her so so proud. I had sent a beautiful gift to her from my first cheque and that made her the happiest. Mothers are the best, wishing each & every mother a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Tinaa Dattaa- My mom, Madhu Dattaa, takes care of me all the time. She takes stock of everything, sitting in Kolkata too. I talk to her daily and take care of her if she is unwell. My mother is like my best friend. I can talk to her any time of the day and night and she listens to me and advises me when I am confused about anything in life. When she’s in Mumbai, she accompanies me to my shooting sets and takes care of me and I do the same. When she comes to Mumbai, I love to pamper her and take her to her favourite temple.

Krishna Bharadwaj- My mom’s Richa Bharadwaj and I learned to be resilient in life from her. I learned how to face adversities with a smiling face from her. I learned how to take care of parents from her as she used to take the utmost care of her mother.  I think she will be most happy the day I will get married.

Sahil Anand- Anju Anand, my mother, has always been there for me in every phase of my life, right from the time I was struggling to become an actor to now. She gives me advice every day on how to become a better person, and just go and do what to want and never think twice before doing things that my heart feels right. Every day, she gives me so much positivity which keeps me going. I have learned to be down to earth, help others and keep others before yourself. She has always made us her priority without caring about herself first. My mother is not materialistic, she wants me to give her good news regarding my career which unfortunately cannot be every day. He happiness lies in my happiness and she’s always waiting to hear some positive developments in my career which gives her the most happiness rather than gifting her something.

Ramman Handa – My mom Shashi Handa has been an example of a fighter to me. She has taught me patience and I have imbibed the trait to fight out every situation from her. She is my inner strength and has been an inspiration to me in every situation in life. I always try to show her how much she means to me but I guess every time no matter what I do is less to thank her and expressing my feelings towards her. I haven’t seen God but can’t deny God’s presence when I see my mother.

Shubhaavi Choksey – My mom’s name is Jayanthi and  I have learned a lot and I’m still learning actually from her. The best advice she has given me all my life is to be happy and positive and to spread happiness and positivity around me until the end of time. Honestly, I don’t remember what I have done for her as I just keep on doing what I feel and don’t keep a count. But the most important thing she says is that I have made her proud in every walk of life. She always tells me that the best thing for her is when I give her a hug, she says that no gift can compensate for that warm hug.

Ira Sone – My mother’s name is Nayna and I love calling her by her name most of the time. There’s so much I have learnt and continue to learn from her every day. She’s very accepting and compassionate and forgiving, that’s the thing I love about her. Also, I admire her curiosity to learn new things, just like a child. My mother is the happiest when I cook for her or just spend the day with her. Just a cup of tea and chitchat will bring a smile to her face.

Bhanujeet Sudan Singh-: My mother, Mohinder Kaur Sudan, has given me many pieces of advice from which I have learned a lot. Her advice has made me a better person. She’s very cute. She’s like a goddess to me. She likes when I massage her foot and I like pampering her too. She has always given me one advice and that is to respect others.


Delnaaz Irani-: Actually, my mother, Roda Irani, is very independent and is a working woman. I am really proud of her. She was a professor in Bhavans college, teaching chemistry. She’s a very strong, independent woman who used to manage her house very efficiently and I don’t think that even today we take care of her, she still takes care of us at the age of 76. She’s full of energy, zest, and enthusiasm. She’s a rockstar who starts her day at 6 am in the gym. She’s probably the oldest member of the gym, she works out there for 2 hours, comes home, does her work, does her social work. So, my mother is somebody who doesn’t need special care, she’s very well living in her own way. The sweetest thing we did last year celebrated her 75th birthday with all her college and school friends, all our family and her workmates. It was a total grand celebration. She was so happy and delighted, she was so lovely.


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