“I want to go back and tell him papa I am acting”- Shweta Rohira

Shweta Rohira is a writer, actor, painter and is well known as Bollywood Star Salman Khan‘s Rakhi sister. She recently went through a transformation after her divorce with Pulkit Samrat and currently seem quite happy in her life. In a recent  Exclusive interview with Telly Chaska, Shweta Rohira share about her plans for a relationship, her view on the trailer of Bharat and how she overcome the changing phase of her life.

Does your image gets affected by people calling you as Salman Khan’s Rakhi sister?

I think it doesn’t make any difference to anybody, he is my brother and like he is my bother I also have a younger brother now his friends know me as Siddharth Rohira’s Sister otherwise our relation is like other brothers and sister. And I totally believe that my identity has always stayed through, and I always believe everyone’s individual identity stays no matter what it is otherwise.



How much did you like the trailer of BHARAT  which is going to be released soon?

As a sister you know you love everything that your brother does, I love my brothers work and I am looking forward to it.

What do you believe in Lucky or Hard work?

I think hard work and luck go hand in hand, you have to be lucky to be at the right place and at the right time then only you will get right opportunities and then you give 100% hard work to it to become successful. And my luck and hard work are both doing well by god grace…



You have faced many ups and downs in your life so how do you overcome them?

In my life, I believe I have only seen ups because God just take you up and up every day, and every day you are growing . I do not know about downs and I am super blessed because you know that he is planning for your future and whatever he is doing is for good. I am only seeing the ups in my life.

Your favorite spot to go for a vacation.

I love to see new places and I do travel blogging and all, I do travel to a lot of places, and recently I have been to Kollad for river rafting so there is this camp where you can stay and then there are places near Maharashtra also so I love to explore. There are a lot of places in India where you can travel.


What’s your current relationship status?

Filhaal, I will say the lines from Jab We Met which  Kareena said “Mein Apni favorite hu”

Are you planning to be in a relationship in the near future?

I live one day at a time,  you ask me about today and I can tell you everything about today



One movie which you like the most and made you cry?

I really like rom-com movie like Mein Pyaar Kiya, Kaal ho na ho,  I love romantic movie.

You are already an artist and also been a journalist so you have tried so many professions, so is there any other option you would like to try?

I always want to do what I am doing now. All the three thing Writing, painting, and Acting where my favorite since childhood and I have always said that I am expressionists and all the three are forms of expression. In all the three you are expressing your self be it be painting, or writing, or acting yourself out and I am happy that what I thought is happening.

A career dream yet to achieve.

Goals have been Achieved as per days  so  I am quite happy and content

Your favorite hero with whom you would like to act or do a movie.

So I know that if it today, I would like to work in a movie like Tashkent File, what a movie! Amazing! That is something so today if you ask me that is what I want to do.



What’s your personal choice of movie Artistic or commercial?

I like good content and I love the commercial movies like De De Pyaar De but for now, I am mesmerized by Tashkent

A favorite social media page you like?

@Tobebohochic  is the page I like

A song you are listening on repeat.

So it the Song from SOTY 2, ‘Hookup’ song which I have slowly started to enjoy.

If you get a chance to time travel where would you go and what would you do there?

I would like to go back in the past and would like to like to spend a day with my lost Father. Usually, papa and I use to travel a lot he always wants to be an actor so I want to go back and tell him papa I am acting.