Yeh Hai India Is A Must Watch With The Entire Family (4.5 Star)

IMDB’s most anticipated film has dropped in today and soon become the pride of India.

The Lomharsh directorial Yeh Hai India narrates a fresh tale of an NRI who has a very stereotypical view of India but when he visits the country all his ideas are broken down by the progress and liberal stance of modern India.

Director Lomharsh has applied all the superior cinematic skills that he has gain through his four yearlong films making a career. His smooth camera moments will not just give you a glorious image of the story but will also immerse you in it.

Music director Raja Hassan has crafted exquisite compositions that will whisk into the emotional journey of the characters. Singer Javed Ali has lent his soulful voice to amplify the emotional context in the most melodious form possible.

Actor Gavie Chahal and Deana Uppal up put superior acting skills. However, Ashutosh Kaushik’s acting wasn’t up to the mark.

The movie carries a strong message of peace and betterment of the world.