Manish Naggdev finally vents out his emotion regarding his break up with Srishty Rode

Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode’s are gaining news coverage again as recently Manish took to his social media and posted a heartfelt notice regarding their break up. The duo had for a very long time, and it came as a shock to the fans of the couple since the actress stated love for the actor on Bigg Boss 12 several times.

The two got engaged in 2017 and were to start a family together but suddenly thing went wrong and today Manish Spoke out all his emotions and feeling in a form of a long letter on social media.

Manish posted on to his Instagram account and captioned it, “It’s ok to vent it out. I hope all your questions have been answered with this. #stop”

To which Kamya Panjabi commented, “Yes it is so important to talk, to share… Everyone has limits! Sometimes u bend, sometimes u feel crushed, but one day u reach that point where enuf is enuf! If u luv someone with all ur heart, their actions are affecting u in negative ways… there has to be a line when u say “enough” I m glad u are venting it all out! God bless you, my friend!”


Manish had spoken to a leading daily and said he doesn’t wish to open up on what went wrong between the two. He had said, “Srishty and I are not together anymore. I don’t wish to give a reason because there is none in particular. All I can say is, minor disagreements and difference of opinion led to it. We were expecting different things from each other. Around three weeks ago, we realized that things were not working out as expected. So, we discussed the future of our relationship and decided that it was better to part ways. I have immense love and respect for Srishty and I will always cherish the time spent with her.”

However, now Manish has said all that he always wanted to say so we are waiting to see how does Srishty Rode react to this.