From Helly Shah, Aniruddh Dave to Sahil Anand TV actors urge Stop child labour


12th June is Anti-Child Labour Day, these Television actors are calling for a change in this status quo, claiming that unless India finds a way to interrupt the practice of child labor, it will face multiplied challenges in social, economic and political arenas.

Helly Shah:

In our day to day lives, we still see so many children working at such places and I think that their parents should make an effort and everyone should understand the importance of education and not let their child work. The solution is that the parents and the people who live with them, should do things collectively and also the people around them should advise them to not letting the child work. There should be a joint effort from every side.

Ira Sone:

Child labor is a major concern in the world especially in developing countries because it affects the children mentally and physically. It is a major social issue because children are the hope and the future of our nation. I believe education and awareness of family planning is key to preventing child labor and has been one of the most successful methods to reduce child workers in India.

Rahul Sharma:

Child labor exists in India because it comes from the families. These children come from families who are not rich and are struggling with their basic needs. So, the first thing the government should do is to educate people so that they can work in places where the minimum basic requirements are there. These steps should be taken and people should consider it as a responsibility to educate their children so that they don’t use their children as an object to earn money. If the elders are educated then they would educate their children as the future of our nation or hope for a new beginning in their lives. Also, the government should provide more work opportunities in small villages, as the farmers suffer from huge losses due to weather and lack of sufficient water. The government should take steps towards such things.

Aniruddh Dave:

Whenever we go anywhere, be it a dhaba or a tea stall, we can find a chotu serving tea, coffee, snacks or food in small hotels and motels. Sometimes you feel they are forced to grow up and you feel they are exploited. At their school-going age, they end up working, missing out on childhood and that is disturbing. The solution is that the government should do something about it. People who are hiring them should be stopped. If we notice children who are working we should object to it. As an actor, I feel we as a fraternity should never hire children as household help.

Aastha Chaudhary:

I am completely against child labor. Even today there are some kids those who are working at the roadside Dhabas. Even in houses, small kids work as domestic help. But at the same time, there are child actors in the TV and film industry too, And I personally feel that even that falls under the category of child labor. Because they don’t get time to study, they don’t get their leisure time. Even though we have some regulations, but no one follows them here. Personally, I am completely against casting ‘child actors’. And the government should take some measures against it. There should be some stringent laws. If someone is found employing children at dhabas or if child actors are made to work beyond certain time criteria, they must be stopped. Even in my show, the main lead is a girl. And I try to take care of her by keeping an eye on her. I try to keep the environment safe and healthy around her. I make sure that no one uses profanity when she is around, even while installing mikes during scenes I make sure no AD comes and touches her inappropriately while doing that. I myself go and try to help her out even when the makeup or hairdresser is not there, I personally go and try to help her out. Because she is a girl and she is growing up.

Sahil Anand:

I do see children working on roads, on tea stalls and begging around, the government should act very strongly on this thing. We should not motivate a child to make easy money. Which happens in the case of begging where they are made to learn to beg from their childhood which becomes their habit for a lifetime. So, I make sure that I don’t give money to children so that they learn its value. I give them food and clothes to wear. All of us should stop giving money to children who are begging so that they start doing something for their living or else it would become their habit to beg around and get money easily. We should stop this child labor at a tea stall, at factories and every place where the kid’s work and their owners should be charged with a fine and should be given strict punishment. Therefore it is necessary that we have strict rules.