“Miss my childhood days, really want those days back when the life was very easy”- kanchi Singh

Kanchi Singh, a very sweet personality and is well known the lead role of Avni in Zee tv show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.  She also gained huge fame for her portrayal of Gayatri Nikhil Deora on Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Recently in an Exclusive interview with Telly Chaska, this Pretty lady Kanchi Singh share about the things she would like to change about herself, her favorite fashion icon, her experience of the television journey and the turning point of her life.

How does it feel when you step out of your door and people recognize you as an actress?

Obviously, it feels good, people recognize me they look up to me what else one wants and above all my parent feel good about it, so it feels really nice.

Do you think fame and stardom bring arrogance and attitude in an artist?           

Yes, I do I think so because I have seen a lot of people that fame does bring arrogance and attitude in them. But it depends on person to person that you know how you deal with it and how you take that success in yourself.

A lesson that you learn from your journey

That “Koi Kisi Ka Nhi Hota” in this industry at the end of the day every actor is very selfish. And the person will think about himself or herself, you just have to keep on going and mind your own business


The advice you would like to give your fifteen years old

Advice to my fifteen years old (giggled).  Advice to my fifteen years old is that I should have enjoyed more like I used to stay a lot of stressed when it came to studies and everything so now when I look back to those days I  think like there were so much more happy things back then.

A hidden talent you haven’t shown your fans or a talent that is forgotten in your busy schedule?

Oh, I haven’t forgotten my talents I will soon be showing my talent, I am a very good dancer ya now very soon I am going to make a couple of videos where people will see it.

A career you would like to choose other than acting

See I honestly wanted to be an astronaut, I know it is way far from what I am doing now. I am very much interested in this space and all, I love it. But if I was not acting would have done that I don’t but yes I wanted to be an astronaut.

Social media handle where you are active the most

Instagram, because nowadays everything on Instagram.


A turning point in your Life

When I got my first show Aur Pyaar Hogaya as a lead, was the turning point.

How was your first experience in front of the camera and do you remember your first dialogue?

Obviously I don’t remember my first dialogue cause I started when I was 4 but yes I have been a child artist a lot of people don’t know, but I have a lot of memories like I have seen tv when four-five people shared one make room and that to a very small makeup room and the team and the crew was huge. So you know I have seen that phase of TV  and also leaving this phase of TV

An emotion that is tough to express in front of the camera

Tough to express isa kuch bhi nhi hai , I can be funny I can be serious and I have done all of these things, so tough to kuch bhi nhi…

Which Bollywood director or actor would you like to work with?

The actor obviously Ranbir Kapoor I am a big big big RK Fan  I love him to death toh Ranbir Kapoor for sure. And director Sanjay Leela Bhansali because I love the way he portrays everything and the story…


 A fashion Icon you look up to?

 My fashion icon I look up to, to be very honest I look up to Kangana Ranaut the way she dresses up I also believe that people have different body types and there is a time when what she is wearing might not shoot me, so I can’t judge on that bases.

Anything you would like to change about yourself?

I am a very emotional person I get attached to people very soon fir koi zara sa bhi kuch bol de ta  hai toh me bohot hurt hojati hu I think I should change that and Angry I have anger issues.

Few you get a chance to time travel where would you go in the past or in the future and what would you do there?

I would like to go in the past, in my childhood…Miss those day, really want those days back when the life was very easy.