I took almost 10 takes because I got very nervous – Ayush Anand

Ayush Anand is a dedicated Indian television actor. He has worked in television shows like Ishqbaaaz, Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh, Piya ji on StarPlus and Balika Vadhu on Colors TV. He has also played the role of Puskar in Prefect Pati. Currently, after playing a negative role in the above-mentioned show he is now playing a positive character of ACP in the serial Vish. In a candid conversation for an exclusive interview with Telly Chaska, Ayush Anand shared his concern for mother nature, his secret on staying optimistic and his awkward first experience with the camera.


How different is your current character from the character that you have played before? We have seen you playing the role of Pushkar Rathod in Perfect Pati and ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa in Ishqbaaz.

Bohot different hai yaar, in fact, I am saying this because this is my first all in all positive character, before this I have always played negative characters. Even my Insta followers also keep asking me about when will I do a positive character on screen and this was the main reason to pick this show you.

ACP’s character I have done before in Iqshbaaz as ACP Randhawa now I am doing the character of ACP Sekhar with the only difference that this time my character is positive.

 Which role do you think is tough to play, the villain ACP or this Good ACP?

To be truthfully I think acting is acting out , I don’t think that by portrait a negative person I will turn up into a negative person or by playing a positive person I will turn completely positive,  I am a normal human being, generally a neutral person and even I go through phases when I am down and I try to think positive. I in my real form is very optimistic so I mostly I am very positive and it is just acting so you need to portray the character demanded and I enjoy do it.

 A  lesson you learn in the journey of life.

A lesson I have learned is that it is very important to be patient, in our field and also to be patient in life. Because when you think of something they don’t happen and when you don’t think  of thing they happen, so its just that you give your 100% in everything and don’t expect for a result because the result is not in your hand there are million other factors that affect the result so you give your 100%  and stay positive.

A thought you would like to implant in a person.

I think a person, in fact, every person in this world should have empathy towards animals and should behave more on the grounds of humanity. because I believe that our planet doesn’t just belong to us but we share it equally with other creatures also, it is just that we humans have become so powerful that we are not giving the plant and animals their right. We are cutting trees killing an animal which is not good at all so I just want that human should show humanity towards animal and plants.

Did you ever felt regretful of the role you played?

No, not at all, as an actor I enjoyed playing negative and now that I have bagged a positive role I m enjoy as well. Actually while acting we never think that are we doing negative or a positive role. We concentrate on whatever I am doing is the right thing.

Whenever we judge a person as good or bad we are judging them but for them What they are doing is correct, so that is it, as an actor I also think that the decision taken by me is correct it might not be the same for other people.

A turning point of your life

Ishqbaaz was the turning point of my life because it changes everything, till now it is the turning point of my life.

Now that you have gained fine popularity and fame what do you think what effect will it have on you?

I will stay the same for my entire life and I have the ability to handle much more stardom then this.

Luck or hard work which is playing a major role to make your tables turn?

Luck, hard work both are fine but the third most important thing is Believe. I have that faith that what I want to achieve I will surely achieve it. So the thing that bridges the gap between destiny and hard work is to believe.  So for me, these three are equally important pillars.

Do you remember that first experience in front of the camera?

Ooh, it was Jodha Akbar and I thought it would very easy to act in front of the camera but no I was scolded very bad. I had prayed that on my first shot I will make everyone on the set clap but I was slanged badly by the director.

And I was playing Abdul Rahim Khan-I-khana in the tv serial Jodha Akbar where I had to enter and tell Akbar “ Ab jo hogaya vo hogaya Salim ko aisa nhi karna chahiye tha, jo sunneme aaya uske liye hum behad shraminda hain” and just to delivery this dialogue I took almost 10 takes because I got very nervous,  I almost zoned out.

Share a humorous incident from yous set?

So well in the show, ‘ Tu Sooraj Main Sanjh Payaji’  I started as a negative character but later it turned into a quite a funny character, kind of funny and negative. So for this character, I was given the liberty to do whatever I want to, so many times I also use to say some dialogues which were not mentioned in the script. Once during a shoot in Bangkok in a massage scene, I named the two local female massagers as Ganga Jamuna which was hilarious it was more hilarious to see them react to the name.

Second career option other than acting?

No other option than acting even when I was young I asked the question what if not an actor and my answer stayed I will keep trying till I achieve it. It is my belief that only this is my career to be an actor.

One thing that you still want to learn.

I am still learning and I want to keep learning but just because you asked I would like to say that I would like to learn how to ride a bike, I yet don’t know how to ride a bike and horse-riding too…

A hidden talent not many know about?

I am a good cook and I love to cook

What advice you would like to give your 15 years old?

That listen to your parents, I was quite rebellious kind of kid back then which I would not suggest to be.

A song that you are listening to on repeat right now.

Bekhayali from Kabir Singh

Lastly, if you get a chance to time travel where do you like to go in the past or in the future and what would you do there?

I wouldn’t go in the future because I want to make it rather I would go in the past meet the angles of my life my grandma, papa and relive those beautiful moments. Would also try to correct a few small mistakes.