Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Chetna Pande and Vikas Gupta are just friends or more?

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Recently, on Instagram Chetna pande and Vikas Gupta shared a tik tok video wherein they were seen acting intimate. Describing about it vikas gupta said that we are friends only and Chetna Pande posted that friends can also have a good chemistry.


Getting this close and saying we are friends doesn’t make sense. The video shows the intimacy between both of them. Maybe they are dating each other and they don’t want to declare about it. On Instagram Vikas Gupta is explaining unnecessary that they are friends, like who asked for the explanation. As per news Vikas Gupta casted her for sequel of Kitni Mohbbat Hai.

In the particular video Vikas Gupta is seen smelling the neck of Chetna Pande and it is posted on Instagram on both of the accounts. Chetna Pande’s second half sentence of the caption is Grammarly wrong. We can’t get that what is she trying to tell. They are seen hanging together a lot of time.

At digital awards Vikas Gupta greeted her on red carpet you can refer below in the link given.

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