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Tik-Tok bans its user for misbehavior!

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tik tok bans user

Members of team 07 Hasnain Shaikh, Adnan Shaikh, and Sadhnan Faroqui are banned from tik tok who have 4 crore followers following them together. So they were provoking for the riots in the country. The complaint was filed by Shiv Shena activist Ramesh Solanki.

The video from the tik-tok have been removed and members of team07 are banned. Tik- tok said that they don’t support these kinds of content. The case has been registered under the IPC section 153(A) and 35 at Mumbai’s LT Marg police station.

The company has also issued an official statement in the matter, “TikTok has zero tolerance for content that incites violence against other users or any content that violates its Community Guidelines. In line with this, the video in question, which has violated our Community Guidelines, is no longer available on TikTok. Such irresponsible acts will not be tolerated on our platform, hence we have suspended three user accounts and are cooperating with law enforcement agencies.”

So it has drastically changed the invention of tik-tok. This is not the way you present the content and promote communal riots. Tik tok says that it violates community guidelines.

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