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Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming scene.

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Ishq Subhan Allah.

Pictures speak a lot about anything and these images will give you the hint about what’s happening in the serial. Kabir and Zara visit the doctor because Kabir gets injured in his hand. While Zara is seen taking care of Kabir. They both are interesting to watch as they fight and get back with each other.

Kabir and Zara look cute in these pictures. Ishq Subhan Allah has a lot of twists and turns in the story and it looks interesting like what will happen next. So this is a small hint from this serial might be shown soon in the serial. As of now, we have seen that Kabir and Zara are fighting with local Gunda in the serial.

In the next scene may be a situation comes where they both need to visit the doctor for their recovery. It will be heart throbbing to watch all this in the upcoming episodes.

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