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“I would like to go in the future to see what is going to happen and maybe I can make it better ” Aditi Sharma

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Aditi Sharma who lucky bagged Zee TV’s Kaleerein is a young girl with dreams, hope, and belief. She came to the dream city from Delhi to be a superstar and a good actor. Recently in an exclusive interview with Telly Chaska Aditi Shared about the struggling stage of her life, places she wants to travel to and how much she loves her fan.

Your journey has quite been diverse so how much did you have to struggle.

Of course, I feel blessed, I started from a very basic level and I did a lot of music video, in my college from there, I got a lot of recognition from YouTube then I started getting Ads, worked with Guru Randhawa, so yes I started from a very basic level.

 I am growing slowly but I am working hard for what I want to achieve in life, I feel blessed to have so many great opportunities. And like it’s said ‘sabr ka phal meetha hota hai’ .

What is do you believe in hard work or luck?

 I believe in both without hard work luck kisi kaam ka nhi and agar aap lucky ho and you are not putting in enough hard work then even be luck won’t help. Therefore, I think it is necessary to have the combination of both like if you are doing a lot of hard work and you are not lucky it will take a lot of time to achieve what you want. Perfect amount of luck and a perfect amount of hard work can do wonders.

 Your favourite social media page, which you follow?

Instagram is my favorite. Is pretty in detailed, people I am following and people who you want to see is very much accessible. My favorite is Priyanka Chopra pages she is amazing and she posts a lot so Priyanka Chopra Deepika Padukone is the people I am following.

 What will do your second career option if not acting

If I get another option I think I might become an RJ may be a newsreader or something. I have studies mass communication I like RJing and I think I am an anchor kind of person.

Did you ever have to struggle to get something what was it and how did you manage at that time?

I think this is the time I am struggling because till now I would say people work hard every one does it, it was easier to come from Delhi to Mumbai but to hold on here to stay in line here is the task. My first Break was great Kaleerein but this time is difficult.

 Where would you like to go on a vacation?

I want to go to New York, LA and US because I have never been there, I have been seeing stories, and it is like the more you see the more you want and so I want to go to New York and LA. So because all the celebrity stay there and Hollywood is also there.

Which Bollywood director and Actor you would like to work with.

Farhan Akhtar, he is in all direction acting but separately I would mention Ranveer Singh and Imtiaz Ali.  I want them to work together for a project. Imtiaz Ali is a great director his work is amazing and in acting, Ranveer Singh is the best I love his acting like the way, I like the way he justifies the roles.

A song that you are hearing on repeat right now?

Lang Ellachi is the song I am listening on repeat. Even the remix version is out but I like the original Panjab version of it.

Which kind of genre would you like to act in?

I would like to act in an adventure kind of stories but I like thriller and horror but do not know if I would like to work in them.

If you get a chance to time travel, where would you go in the past or in the future and what would you do there?

 I would like to go in the future and see what I am doing, I know many people would like to go in the past and tell you should not do this and that. I would like to go in the future to see what is going to happen and maybe I can work out in present to maintain that is there in future or maybe I can work hard to make a better future.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like to tell them that thank you for loving me though I have been on and off the screen. Thank you for so much love and so many beautiful gestures. So keep supporting me I will keep up the hard work and soon come on screen.

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