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“Any kind of addiction is destructive. People resort to all sorts of unethical things to quench their addiction. It’s a vicious cycle.”-Vivek Dahiya

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Vivek Dahiya a very successful actor and have proved his skill in the successful show like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Qayamat Ki Raat. However, before the glam, he is enjoying right now, there was a time when he was habitual to Gambling.

Recently during a conversation with a leading Newspaper, Vivek recalled, “I got addicted to gambling in 2006 when I was barely 19 years old. I had started working part-time at a retail store while I was in the second year of college. One day, a friend took me to a casino, and call it the beginner’s luck or something else, I won money that day. I was thrilled, as it would have taken me a week to earn that amount. Soon, I started visiting the casino regularly after work. A few staff members, who I had befriended, suggested that I should get rid of the vice, but I didn’t pay heed. I became a compulsive gambler and there were times when I would bet my month’s salary. Once, I even offered my car keys to someone in return for some money for gambling.”

Vivek further added, “Any kind of addiction is destructive. You start alienating those who try to dissuade you from it. You do not even realise when it starts to consume you. I want to tell every youngster who is addicted — to gambling, drugs, whatever — to seek help, and not be in denial. People resort to all sorts of unethical things to quench their addiction. It’s a vicious cycle.”

“One night, I had lost a lot of money and was left with just five pounds to catch a cab home. The cabbie, a Bangladeshi, asked me how the night was, referring to my visit to the casino. Since I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. And then, he narrated his story to me. He was an uneducated man, who relocated from Dhaka years ago.He saved up enough money to buy a cab and got married to an Indian girl. He was hard-working, and in a few years, became the owner of seven taxis. He also bought two houses in Cardiff. However, on one fateful evening, his friend took him to a casino and his life went downhill since then. He became addicted to gambling and lost everything. He became bankrupt and his wife left him along with his two kids. His story did what no advice could do; that was the last day I went to a casino,” Vivek said.

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Vivek admits of him visiting the casino but only for fun and leisure “When I visit a casino now, I will have my drink, chat with my wife, and play a bit. I know where to draw the line. Now, I do it just to enjoy myself for a short while,” he signs off.

Vivek Dahiya got married to Divyanka Tripathi in 2016 lately the couple faced a hard time as  Vivek, had to face a hard time as the actor had been recovering in the hospital since last week. The actress also shared a lot of pictures of Vivek from the hospital. Vivek was getting treated for an acute intestinal infection.

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