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T.V. Actors on vacation

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TV stars traveling world around.

This year many of the television actors were on vacation and this is what they have learned from their trip to different places.

Tv star who celebrated birthday abroad is Jasmin Bhasin. She is a passionate traveler and Europe was always on her bucket list. The last place she visited is Singapore. Other than that Actress have also visited to Effiel Tower, Seine River Side, Disney Land, Amsterdam, and few more monumental places. She feels that traveling alone brings a lot of change in your personality. You get time for yourself and there is no one to influence you. Everything you need to do on your own.

Jasmin Bhasin

  Another Actor Aastha Chaudhry went on a solo trip to Canada on her birthday. She feels that birthdays are just like any other day and she prefer to stay alone on that day. It’s always elders blessings she gets and goes to temple on her special day.

Actor Aasha Chaudhry

Sahil Anand who is currently seen as Anupam in Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 had a trip to Switzerland and he feels rejuvenated. Not only did Sahil love Switzerland, but Switzerland reciprocated that love as well. “The reaction was very good. I have been to many other countries but in Switzerland, I saw that people were really very affectionate towards us. There were a lot of tourists and all of them knew us. There was a restaurant which was being run by a person called Baba. He was such a good person and was a big fan. Parth, Erica, I and Pooja ate there and he just took half of the amount. He gifted shawls to Pooja and Erica and to me and Parth, he gave energy drinks. He was very helpful. One thing which I saw in Switzerland was that people were doing something extra for us, other than just taking pictures and going. This not only happened in these restaurants but in others too where there were Indians and Afghanis. They were helping us out of the way and were there for us,” he says.

Actor Sahil Anand

Shubhaavi Choksey who is currently playing the role of Anurag’s Mother in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 is also a passionate traveler. She feels that vacation is important for everyone. It refreshes you. Traveling is not just about enjoyment but you also get to know how they pronounce the same English with different accents. Britishers would pronounce it differently then Turkish people. You also get to taste different cuisine.

Actor Shubhaavi Chokshi

These actors love to travel and they get a good experience every time they travel.

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