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“I was very confused, will I be able to pull it off “-VATSAL SHETH

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VATSAL SHETH popularly known for his portrayal of Raj Chaudhary in the 2004 film Taarzan: The Wonder Car, Shaurya Goenka in the 2014 thriller series Ek Hasina Thi, and Kabir Raichand in the 2017 love-saga series Haasil. He has acted in various Bollywood films and Indian television shows and is currently working on his upcoming project MALANG.

Recently in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with TELLY CHASKA, VATSAL shares about his beautiful moment with ISHITA, how marriage is a differently beautiful relationship, the toughest character he played and how great it is to work with team Malang.

The goal is an important part of life; did you have a goal when you started your career in acting?

No there was no such goal when I started my career because I started it around 1998-1999 with Just Mohobaat so I started it for fun but now it’s a career path for me. I never intended to become a professional actor but know I enjoy it.

Bollywood hero you look up to for Acting.

In Bollywood I look up to Ajay Devgan and Salman Bhai, I have seen them in their element, the way they work hard so this two-actors are the one who inspires me. In fact, when you spend time with seniors you understand how things work, what goes behind and how they have reached there, where they are now.

The riskiest decision you ever took in your life.

Yes, when I decided to do Ek Hasina Thi because before this there was a huge gap and I was very confused.

The reason I was confused was primarily it was a negative role and before that, I haven’t done anything like that, let it be Tarzan, the wonder car or Just Mohobaat I have only played the nice good boy next door kind of person. Therefore, I was very confused that, will I be able to pull it off or not. In any case, I did it and then it became the number one show of the country.

So take risks it pays off.

Which platform are you comfortable working on?

As an actor we only want to do is a challenging role it does not matter on which platform it is, I am an actor I only have to act myself only the medium is changing. Therefore, I like it when I get a good interesting character to play.

However, the most difficult thing according to me is acting for an ad cause within 30 to 40 seconds you have to tell the whole story to its viewer. Ad films are one of the toughest and on the other hand, they are short and mostly shot within a day.

One mantra you follow in your life

To do great work, to be a better human being, these are the motive, which pushes you every day.

If you talk about life motto than I believe everything happens for a good cause no matter what happens failure or success, and I am a very positive person so I always look at the brighter side.

Which was the challenging role you played?

Ek Hasina Thi was challenging because first of all, it was a negative role so  people thought that how will I do a negative role I don’t even look negative no scars on the face so it was very difficult to convince but  it worked out very well

Now it is almost one and a half year you got married so how is life after marriage.

Of course, marriage is a different thing you start living with a person and you spend almost 24 hrs together, but I would also say it is an amazing experience and it is one of the most important phases of your life. I am very glad that I got married to Ishita she is a wonderful person

 Are there any changes in priority after you got married?

It is obvious, there are, assume if we are going out for a movie, we always have it in mind, that both of us like the genre. Something I really think that she does not like action film though she comes with me and enjoys so yes decision make is important now we share responsibilities.

Before I use to go home late and drop a text to my mother informing so and now I want to come back home early to spend good time with her.

 Places you want to visit with your Ishita.

There is one thing in my bucket list it is to go to Northern Europe to see the northern lights … so that is one place I really want to visit with Ishita.

The best holidays trip you had with you lovely wife?

 Yes, the one when we went to Bangkok and Thailand, it was a quick trip for 2days, but we had great fun.

How is your bonding with Aditya Rao?

Aditya is a very great person and the very chilled out person it all going well, In fact, brother of Aditya, Kunal and I had started our acting career together so I know his brother very well.

Would you like to share your experience from on Malang?

 One thing I can tell about Malang is that I am extremely happy and Mohit Suri is an amazing director I have known him for a very long time. Aditya and Disha are also great actors and fantastic human beings and Kunal is also a great guy to work chat I am really enjoying the experience of doing Malang

Things you want to say to your loved once and fans.

 Jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai, don’t worry be happy…

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