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Mrunal Jain and Rashami Desai gear up for Rakhi

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mrunal jain and rashami Desai gear up for rakhi

Who says relationships can’t be formed in showbiz?

Actors Mrunal Jain and Rashami Desai, who met on the sets of their show Uttaran and have been brother-sister since then.

“We both got this feeling of getting on the sets of Uttaran, a few years ago. I am very close to Rashami since day one. We share a brother-sister bond. She is a nice person and is very down to earth. We mostly speak in Gujarati with each other. She has never made me feel that I am only her co-star. We always worked as a family,” says Mrunal, adding, “Whenever I am not well or I am feeling low, she calls me unexpectedly. Her intuition is quite strong as far as I am concerned. I am blessed as I have an angel to take care of me unconditionally in the form of my sister. She tied me rakhi to me for the first time last year and I was very excited. I gifted her clothes, accessories and a silver coin. She is a born winner, sharp, caring, a girl with a golden heart.”

The actor says that he will always be there for her. “There are very few people who can understand the real Rashami.  I always pray for her well being. She can call me any time and I can call her anytime. We may not meet so often but still, we are connected with each other. This is the second time she would be tying Rakhi to me. I am there for her and vice versa. We have stood by each to her through our tough times. She supports me and vice versa. I am blessed to have a sister like her. She is like my family,” she says.

Rashami shares the same feelings towards Mrunal. “I call Mrunal my bhai. He was very protective when we were co-stars in Uttaran. He is an important part of my life. We come close to a lot of people in life but we connect to a very few.  I would be tying a Rakhi to him for the second time. We have a special connection and I am always there for him as and when needed. Some relationships become strong with the passage of time. He is a very sensitive person. We may not meet as often as we would want to because of our hectic professional lives but whenever we meet, we spend quality time. I am looking forward to Rakhi and this would be truly special. He is a good person and is very caring by nature,” she says.

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