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Nimki Vidhayak wants to be a part of Sacred Games

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Bhumika Gurung well known for her character of Nimki Vidhayak aka the Nimki Mukhiya on Star Bharat is a huge fan of Sacred Games. The actress recently revealed about her love for the show and exclusively told says, “I really want to be a part of Sacred Games. It is like a dream to me.”

She further added, “There is a lot of nudity and boldness which is not even needed in the show. Makers are putting the same just to sell their content. Honestly, the web content that we have, I think we can do much better. But yes, it’s not the case with every show that we have because I loved Sacred Games and Mirzapur which also had few scenes but that was justified as it was the need of the script.”

However when asked about her stand on bold content, and would she apprehensions in taking up bold content if offered, she replied, “I am definitely not comfortable going nude on-screen but bold scenes I don’t mind doing. However again it depends on what kind of show and platform it is.”

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