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Shraddha Arya had almost hit her head hard while dancing

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Telly Chaska recently found that the Nach Baliye 9, Shraddha Arya had almost hit her head hard while dancing!

Shraddha and Alam have been rising the game since day one on India’s most glamorous dance reality show Nach Baliye 9. In the recent shoot, while performing an act, Shraddha almost suffered a critical injury by slipping of from Alam’s hand! While performing a particular step, Alam lost his grip shortly, which resulted in Shraddha slipping from his arms and banging her head on the dance floor! She went awestruck while dancing but both the dancers completed the entire act without stopping!

Shraddha shared, “It was a very intense act for both Alam and me on Nach Baliye. Even during the rehearsals, we had to be focused to ensure that all the steps are being done properly. When we performed in front of the judges and the audience, due to a sudden slip, Alam lost his grip and that made me fall from his arms. Though I did not suffer any major injury at all, it definitely was a nerve-wracking experience for both of us! I got a small bump on my head because of the fall and did go blank for a second while performing. We still completed the entire performance without stopping and are sure that the audiences will love our act.”

So let’s see how well will Shraddha and Alam on Nach Baliye 9 take the game!

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