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Rohan Mehra paired with Jannat Zubair

2 min read
jannat zubair and rohan mehra

Rohan Mehra with his cute charming personality has impressed everyone. Now he is paired with Jannat Zubair for the next music album. The actor says it is a love song but has a heartbreak also. He is happy about the fresh pairing with Jannat.

 He was seen in the music video like Tu Meri Zindagi, On My Way, Dhadkanein meri and Tarse Ye Naina. There is nothing new about the music album. when will composers come up with a new concept? Love song and heartbreak are the only topics for the youngsters? Breakup patch up and love songs are in trend for a long time. So there is nothing new in this song.  

In real life, he is dating Kanchi Singh. They have not been seen in any of the music albums together. Couples are the first choice for producer then why they are not seen together. Maybe in the near future, we might see them together in the romantic or heartbreaking song.

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