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Ravi Dubey wasn’t ready to kiss on-screen for Jamai Raja 2.0

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Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma

A handsome munda and popular actor Ravi Dubey wasn’t ready to kiss on screen for Jamai Raja 2.0. He was on the verge of quit the show because of the kissing scene. In  15 years of an acting career, he has not done such bold scenes. But then after talking to Sargun (wife) he was a little bit calm and compose for the shoot.

When Ravi was asked about this incident, this is what he says, “In 15 years of my career, I have never kissed a co-actor on screen and it was tough. I had huge reservations and inhibitions about it. I was so nervous the day we shot for it. In real life, Sargun never shies away from anything. I did tell her about the kissing scene and she said, ‘Why are you running it by me?’. She was supportive of me doing the scenes. In fact, I told my mother and mother-in-law as well that the show has kissing scenes. I have to give credit to my co-star Nia, who made me comfortable. Her work ethic and the way she went ahead with it was commendable. Now, when I see the trailer, I realize it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but adds to the story.”

In the end, web shows carry such bold content and intimate scenes. But Ravi believes that it should only be done when it’s a necessity. Anything and everything is okay if it makes sense to the story. The actor is glad that he did it and at last everything went well.

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