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Big Boss Se 13: The Love Triangle In Making

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Big Boss is known across the nation for high on drama episodes. This time around also the show doesn’t waste any time delivering ya the daily dose of love, fights and drama. 

The glimpse for today’s episode started with a bang. Maera starts shooting fireballs when Shehnaz Gill alleged Paras as Maira’s boyfriend. The scene instantly turns into a battleground with angry shots fired from both sides while Paras sits quietly watching the drama unfold. In previous episode Paras was spotted doing some harmless flirting with Shehnaz to conceal her when they failed to manage the ration. With Maera and Shehnaz going ballistic on each other over Paras it appears the Big Boss House is getting warmed up for a love triangle. 

However the two bird we are expecting be caught in the thread of love were Rashmi Desia and Sidharth Shukla. They both had given signs of interest for each other but with the new love triangle boiling in the house the limelight has shifted away from them. But has the love moved out from their hearts too? Well, we might have to stay tuned to the show to figure that out.

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