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Vaar Is On At Bigg Boss Se 13

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The war is on and Saalman khan does not seem to be too happy about the incompetence of the contestants. The show starts with something like sach ka samna. The contestants are taken into an isolated room one-by-one and put under a shower which showers everything but water. Under the unexpected, they are asked questions and if the majority of house does not agree with her answer then they are showered with all kinds of weird stuff like. 

The activity unveiled the harsh perception contestants have about each other in front of everyone. Shehnaaz Gill, Paras Chhabra’s alleged love interest openly flirts with Salman and dance on the Kashmiri song bhumro to impress the actor. It rarely happens that none of the big boss contestants hit on Salman but hitting on him while measure yourself with Katrina is something completely new. But then we are talking about Shehnaaz, only god knows what is cooking inside her brain.

It is very evident in the 13-year journey we have had with Bigg boss that the house is designed to birth fude under social and mental pressure. Which contestant will bend or break to what extent is what creates the content? Once such task that nudged contestants and puts insane mental pressure was the hospital task which went so sideways that the producers had to cancel the task. During the session with Salman the unknown pushed Salman so far that yelled, ‘Get out of my house’.

As if that drama wasn’t enough Siddhartha’s opinion one Devolina’s worthiness of being a Queen pushed things off the cliff. 

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