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Sometimes the dreams we think are dead are just dreams that are resting. For actress Simran Kaur these words turned out to be truer than life. As a high school student, Simran founded herself playing basketball all because she was tall. And also because her coach thought if she is tall then must have basketball in her blood. However, the best thing about life is that nothing goes waste. “Basketball taught me a lot. It made me grow in ways I could never imagine.” the way Simran says it sounds like nothing goes of waste in life, everything has a purpose. At least for her, it did because basketball not just taught her teamwork it set her up for NBA debut in India. For her national level basketball career became a major factor NBA picking her up as the presenter for India’s first NBA tournament

As an NBA presenter, Simran has to remain unbiased (though she is a hardcore lakers fan) and as a former basketball player, she is surely overwhelmed by the joy of the NBA in India. NBA is now training basketball players and providing NBA coaches as well. For Simran, she is currently doing a web-series entitled Vivevkar Vs Antisocial with Pratik Babbar.

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