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Paridhi Sharma And Anirudh Dave Sudden exit from Patiala Babes

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Patiala Babes Anirudh Dave Paridhi Sharma

Patiala Babes Sudden exit of Paridhi Sharma and Aniruddh Dave is what made fans shocked. One of the sources revealed that the show is taking a leap and that might be one of the reasons.

 In a report of Times Of India Paridhi Sharma said, “I got to know about my exit only on Tuesday. In any case, I wasn’t satisfied with the way my track was shaping up. It started off as a strong and inspiring character, but the storyline digressed and my character started slipping around two months ago. I never wanted to play mother to a teenager, but I took up the show for my role. I am glad that I am not a part of the leap, as there was nothing in it for me to explore. Had they not decided to end my track, I would have exited the show myself. It’s just that it has happened the other way round”.

Aniruddh Dave said, “I believe that every show goes through a change after it reaches a saturation point. I am happy that my character Hanuman Singh was loved, as he was someone who believed in women’s equality and rights”.

Now, the story will be focused only on one character and that’s Minnie. It would leap about 10-12 years. That’s all we know for now. For more updates on television stay tuned to this space.

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