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Is Saloni Daini’s account being hacked?

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Saloni Daini

Recently Saloni Daini aka Gangu Bai’s account is hacked even though trying multiple times the account is not still logged in. Recently we had a chat with her regarding the same. She shared the instinct like why and how it happened.

Saloni is not able to promote her upcoming rap song and is not able to promote her fan pages. She feels very bad about it. But she said, “I will be back soon”.

How was your Account being hacked?

My account has been logged out and now also even if I am trying to log in so it’s not letting me log in. I am facing a lot of trouble, every time I log in it shows account not found. I am not active for the last few days. Whoever does it it’s not good because there is a lot of hard work, I am not able to repost the photos of mine from fan pages also.

What impact did it create after being hacked?

I have a habit of sharing everything on Instagram with my followers which I am not able to do know. Even not able to give any information. The bond between me and followers is broken that’s what I feel. It’s a little disheartening.

What do you have to say about your show?

I have entered the show and now I am happy about the good TRP of the show. It’s 2.3 which is very nice and the show must go on and on.

How challenging or easy is your role?

It’s very different from reality shows. It’s the first time that I am doing daily soap. My character named is Farah. She is very funny and does fun all the time, she is the mood maker in every sad situation. The experience is different you have wide-angle then close and various different styles. I am learning though it is taking time.

I have a great bond with Aditi Sharma till now, it’s fun while shooting.

If you get a chance to time travel where would you like to go? Past or future?

I would like to go in the past and would recover my Instagram ID (giggling). But I would like to go in the future to see what I am doing in my life further.

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