Tehseen Poonawalla most awaited contestant of Bigg Boss 13

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Hindustani Bhau aka Tehseen Poonawalla

Tehseen Poonawalla is the most awaited wild card contestant of Bigg Boss 13. Tehseen’s interaction with Salman Khan won several hearts at the beginning itself. His profile is very different from existing contestants in the house.

“I am here to win!” he said on the show, with full conviction and confidence. An attitude that had the audiences cheering loudest for him. Tehseen also revealed that his strategy in the house was to entertain the fans of the show with some good content. The very poised calm and classy Tehseen soon started trending online on twitter across the country with most of the reactions being very positive.  

With the entry of this complete gentleman in a house whose members have got personal with each other and literally are degrading one another, the audiences will really be looking forward to what drama does this new entrant creates when he is inside the house. 

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