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This is what Faisal Khan has to say about Tara from Satara’s Dancer No1

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Faisal Khan

Tara from Satara’s Dancer No1 is one such unique concept which shows us the amalgamation of drama with reality. The character of Arjun in the show is one such character of a Mumbaikar who has turned the tables not just for himself but makes the actor, dancer, and performer Faisal Khan goes back in time when he started.

Sheezan aka Arjun

The show is based on dance and has caught the eyes of various dancers and now Faizal Khan has spoken about the unique concept of the show and is in awe of Sheezan Mohd’s character. Speaking about the same Faizal said, “I am an ardent follower of Tara from Satara, it is a unique blend of drama and reality and is based on a dance reality show, it is something that I can relate to well. Arjun’s character in the show is very well woven and many who are from a middle-class family in Mumbai can relate to it very well. He is a boy who stays in a chawl in Mumbai and makes his presence felt on such a stage without much formal training. His character speaks the story of talent and hard-work which is very good. When the show was in its initial phase I was offered the role of Arjun but things could not work out as I was busy in the Maharana Pratap. Nevertheless, I am enjoying watching the show and Sheezan is quite good in the role.”

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