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Rohan and Kanchi’s Relationship Status

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Kanchi and rohan

Kanchi Singh and Rohan Mehra’s Instagram has confused fans about their relationship status. Many of the fans have asked us what’s going on, are they guys are still together. Rumour was in the air that they might have broken up. 

Fans asking about their relationship.

Without even wasting time we got in touch with both of them. To which Rohan replied, “We are together for 4 years and we are happy with each other”. Kanchi also said the same thing, “we are very much happy together”. So, it clarifies all, that they are still in love. 

This youth iconic couple has celebrated everything together and is an inspiration. This all started on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Since then everything they do is together. Even when Rohan was in Bigg Boss Kanchi was her inspiration said Rohan in an interview.  

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