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Arhaan Khan To Be Evicted

2 min read
Aarhan khan evicted

Rashami Desai‘s rumored boyfriend Arhaan Khan had to exit the show this eviction revealed by deeds inside. Might be because he was not seen much and only he had is to get into a fight with Siddharth Shukla and Asim. Well, that trick here didn’t work and he is out of the show.

Other than that we can say that all the fame he had got is because of Rashami Desai. Bigg Boss is a controversial show. The controversy between him and Rashami didn’t work well. To stay in this Bigg Boss house the thing only matters is how you play. Be it controversy, fights, drama anything everything depends upon what you are giving the viewers to watch. Viewers might have disliked him, the count of votes was not as much as required.

The competition to survive in the house is becoming tougher. Unexpected things happen in the show.

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