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Friends Turning Out To Be Enemies In Bigg Boss 13

2 min read
Sidharth Shukla Shefali Zariwala Asim Riaz

A task named Luxury Budget is all set to create a hail in the Bigg boss house. There will be fight, drama, pushing, jumping on each other and whatnot. It turns out to be the most strength-based task whether required or not.  

Asim says to Mahira to get back because all the men are in the fight and then he is seen pushing her back in the task. There she starts shouting, playing a women card against Asim. Now, after this ugly fight, there is one more fight that takes place between Asim and Shefali. Asim didn’t take a stand for Shefali and that’s where Shefali gets angry with him. She then denies being in this task anymore. Friends become enemy and the enemy becomes a friend in Bigg Boss. That’s what the whole episode is about today.    

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