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Himanshi’s mother celebrates Himanshi’s birthday in a Chandigarh old age home

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Himanshi Khurana birthday celebration

On the occasion of Himanshi’s birthday, her mother visited an old age home in Chandigarh on behalf of Himanshi. She said that Himanshi believes in doing noble deeds on her birthday and that it gives her happiness. She goes to different traffic signals and distributes cakes to children there. But this time she’s in Bigg Boss house. So to continue her birthday tradition, we went to ‘Kartar Aasra’- an old age home and orphanage at sector 1 Chandigarh to celebrate her birthday.  

 “Once in six months, she also used to visit different old age homes around Ludhiana. She has a soft spot for old people and children. She’s a god’s child.” she adds.  

This was special though outside the house. Inside also Asim celebrated Himanshi’s birthday with kheer and a heart-shaped paratha. They even had a goodie moment in the house, where they were seen hugging each other and kissing on cheeks.   

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