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Is Shehnaaz Smart Or Dumb?

2 min read
shehnaaz gill

Shehnaaz is seen really been dumbo in Bigg boss house. Devoleena asked her to describe her 5 good and bad qualities she was not able to do that. This is not the first time when she is seen doing such kind of things. Salman Khan also takes delight in teasing her on Weekend ka Vaar.  

There have been many instances when she does something like this and it proves that she is really a dumbo. Once she was asked to speak English and she was not able to do that. Then at some point, she starts behaving like a kid. In the recent episodes Sidharth was doing Masti with Shehnaaz and then she started crying like a kid. Till now Shehnaaz has shown many shades, maybe it’s her game plan to be innocent in front of everyone and then play smartly.  

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