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Himanshi’s Mother Opens On Controversy of Shehnaaz

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Himanshi Khurana

Telly Chaska recently got in touch with Himanshi’s mother Sumit Kaur. There we got to know the actual reason and what they had to go through after this controversy. Her mother even opened up about Himanshi and Asim’s connection in Bigg Boss 13.   

What do you have to say about Himanshi’s personality?  

She is playing it very pleasant and it’s nice to see her. She is very soft-hearted and has a cool mind, she is not the one who gets into fight easily. You might have seen that in bigg boss 13 also. When the controversy happened it was a very bad time for us and when I have to even talk about it now so I feel. What was our fault but even after facing Shehnaaz she didn’t say to Shehnaaz about it and will never say.   

How do you see the bond between Asim and Himanshi?  

See it’s a game show and we can’t say anything. I will not label it as love story. Almost everyone is against her because she belongs to other group. First she used to be with Sidharth Shukla, Bhau, Shefali, Asim, it was a good group but now it’s been broken. She have good bonding with Shefali and Asim. I see Asim as her good friend and Himanshi also sees her as a good friend. We can’t say about future, Asim is a nice guy, he supports Himanshi in everything. Shefali also guides her and whenever required she even scolds Himanshi. They are just friends and people should see them in that manner only. It is not necessary that if a boy and girl are together there should be love angle they can be friends.   

Why is she getting away from Sidharth Shukla?   

Himanshi’s have stayed from fights and aggression. So, it was a very new atmosphere there for her, she stays away from aggressive people because she gets blench. Sidharth Shukla’s nature is aggressive so she wants to stay away from him.   

What do you think would be the reason behind her being quite for a week?   

I have said to you that she is not used to living in such a kind of atmosphere and it was even new for her. She is not that kind of person who back answers people even if they say her. She gives it in her way and with respect to that person. Even if she says anything to other people then she is the one who gets upset.   

According to you, who worth Himanshi’s friendship and who is not?   

I will say that, as Himanshi is to me like that only are the members in the house leaving paras. He is a very disrespectful person. He doesn’t value relationships and we don’t know what is going in his mind. Himanshi has strong bonds with Bhau, Shefali, Asim. In fact, you can see that she hadn’t spoken ill about other people in the house. Because of Shehnaaz, we have spent a very bad time and even I was in depression for one month. If someone accuses you publically for things then it’s a big thing, it’s a very bad time for any family. Even after that, she is patient and never fought with Shehaaz for the same.   

What do you think about the Birthday celebration of Himanshi in Bigg Boss 13?   

The way that Mahira’s birthday was celebrated it was not like that for Himanshi. This thing hurts the most. Maybe somewhere her birthday has been celebrated but it not have been telecasted anywhere. From our side, we have celebrated like every year we do. she celebrates her birthday with orphan kids or at old age homes. We cut the cake with them and spend the time with them. We want to do good for others and don’t do badly for others.  

Other than Himanshi who is your favorite contestant?  

For me, everyone is same and they are doing fine leaving Paras. Shehnaaz is also playing well then Asim is there. We can’t understand what paras want to show the world.  

How much do you miss Himanshi?  

I miss her a lot but by watching on tv I feel better. I have the habit of leaving without her because she stays outside the house most of the time due to the profession. 

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