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Is Asim Riaz Being Selfish?

2 min read
Asim Riaz new game plan

In today’s episode, you will see, Asim is now trying to play the game to win. In this format, he is seen following the footsteps of Sidharth Shukla. Even Shefali Zariwala has commented this and she has ended the bond with Asim. It is all because Asim destroyed the letter sent from Parag and that’s why she got angry.

Next, he targeted Aarti, they also got into a fight for the same. Aarti is seen very pissed at Asim and it seems like he is going to even loose friendship with both of them. They actually shared a good bond since the start but Asim’s selfish nature is going to destroy him for sure. First, due to fighting he lost Sidharth Shukla. Now he targeted Shefali Zariwala and Aarti so even she got angry and it all ended. Maybe he is trying to fight for himself now but it is going to hurt a lot of people in the show.

The drastic change in Asim’s nature will now show what is his real game plan for the show. Now, actually it seems like all he is in the game is to win that’s all.  

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