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Sunil Grover To Come Back In Kapil Sharma Show

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sunil grover

Bigg Boss 13 has given a lot to the actors and actresses in the house. This time Salman Khan brought back Sunil Grover in the house as Guthi in the last weekend ka vaar and Now in this weekend ka vaar he entered as Misses of Bigg Boss. Before that, we have seen Salman Khan, Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma posing together at Sohail Khan’s birthday party.

It seems like Salman Khan would bring back Guthi back in Kapil Sharma show. They two have even commented on each other social media also. Things are getting better and there are chances that we might see Guthi back on the show. For now, he is seen in bigg boss in various roles and today he will do the mimicry of Salman Khan in the show.

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