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Arhaan Khan Is Trump Card Of Rashami Desai

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Rashami Desai

Arhaan Khan has been as one of those participants who is seen only around Rashami Desai. In the house who is against Rashami or fights with Rashami, Arhaan has to step in between and take that fight over him.

In the weekend ka vaar episode also Rashami threw tea on him and then Sidharth went out of control and Arhaan came in and they had an intense fight, things went out of control and we saw what happened next. Arhaan is someone who should be out of the house because supporters of Sidharth Shukla are more than him. Even many celebrities warn Rashami to leave Arhaan because he is not the guy she should be with. Because it’s bigg boss so she will not leave him as she thinks it is adding more spice in the Tv to watch. There are high chances that Arhaan might go behind the bars after Bigg boss for doing such a nuisance in the house.

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