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Mrunal Jain and Shivin Narang Slams Sidharth Shukla

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Actor Mrunal Jain and Shivin Narang come in support of Rashami Desai. Here it is what they have to say on the same.  

Bigg Boss 13 has been rife with ugly spats between actors Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla. Recently, a very big fight broke out where a lot of harsh words were exchanged between the two. Siddharth kept referring to Rashami as “Aisi Ladki”, which angered the latter. Commenting on the same, Mrunal, who is very close to Rashami, says, “Who has given him the right to say all this. Tell him that just because he is in Bigg Boss doesn’t mean he can speak anything and point a finger on anybody’s character like that. There is freedom of speech given to everybody but you cannot raise a finger on anybody’s character,” he says. 

He adds, “As a girl, Rashmi is right. You can’t raise finger on her character and you cannot say aisi vaisi ladki . Not even our family members have been given this right to say anything like this. How can he say this on National television? what is it that makes him speak like that?” 

Talking about his relationship with Rashami, Mrunal says, “It has been really good over the years and we have shared a great bond. Even though there is no blood relationship between us, but still, relate to each more like a real brother and sister. It has always been an unspoken relationship. We spend less time with each but the bond is always there and she knows I have always got her back.” 

Actor Shivin Narang is very close to actor Rashami Desai and says that was very sad to see her breaking down recently on the show. For the uninitiated, recently a big fight broke out in the Bigg Boss house between Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai where Siddharth raised a finger on Rashami’s character referring to her as ‘Aisi ladki’. Talking about it with Salman Khan, Rashami broke down during the weekend episode. “It was really very sad and disheartening to see Rashami in that state. Though everyone in Bigg Boss is right or wrong at given situations but passing derogatory statements and showing cheap actions to a woman is unacceptable. In a society like ours where we are fighting against eve-teasing and harassment, all this should not be appreciated at any given situation. Fights are and disagreements are part of Bigg Boss but not all this,” he says. 

Talking about his relationship with Rashami, Shivin says, “Rashami is a friend and I feel bad that she has to go through all this in the show. Honestly, I am not someone who comments on any individual or any reality show or all these instances and I am really not bothered who is winning or not. I don’t follow Bigg Boss much and it doesn’t matter who is a better player and who is not. But some integrity should be maintained.” 

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