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Bigg Boss 13 New Year Celebration

2 min read

Bigg Boss 13 has been full of an unexpected roller coaster ride. it’s time for a new year celebration in the house organized by Bigg Boss. Everyone was seen dancing and enjoying together. Sidnaaz was seen as having a romantic dance too. Rashami Desai enjoyed a lot, it seems like she is enjoying her freedom after Arhaan Khan’s exit.  

After that Bigg Boss has announced a new task for all the contestants in the house. Shehnaaz will be seen as the photographer in the house and then other contestants of the house need to pose for the new calendar. It will be interesting to watch this task in the house. Other than that Shehnaaz will be seen crying because of Sidharth Shukla. This will be the second time that she is seen crying and is upset with Sidharth Shukla.   

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