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Rashami Desai, Sidharth Shukla, Paras Gets Advise From Prem Jyotish

2 min read
prem jyotish

Astrologer Prem Jyotish enters the house to give advice on what the contestants should do and what not. Firstly, he advises Rashami Desai to avoid committing in a relationship. After that talking with Paras, he says that there will be a change in his relationship status.  

After that, he was seen advising Shehnaaz that she should think about herself. Then he advises Mahira to be strong and be mentally prepared for whatever comes in her way. He even says to Asim that in your career you have a lot so you need to focus on what you want and have to control your emotions.  

One of the most interesting parts is Aarti has a positive impact on her life, she might get married soon and she need not get confused at this point in time. We need to see if the housemates follow his advice or not.  

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