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Madhurima’s Mom Lashes Out On Vishal Aditya Singh

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Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh

Madhurima’s mom lashes on Vishal for passing derogatory comments on her. She has supported Vishal throughout from Chandrakanta till here and now she opens up on the rude behavior done by him. Also, what Sidharth did to Shehnaaz was not right. In the exclusive talk with Telly Chaska she burst out in tears the way everyone behaves with Madhurima.  

She even shared that things should be kept between two people, every time you just cannot go and knock the doors of bigg boss. This is not the way. Rashami also stayed strong after whatever happened in the house and that’s how everyone should be in the house. She seemed emotional after yesterday’s episode. Madhurima’s mom even said that Madhurima is also at fault for selecting the same person every time as a soulmate.  

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