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Virima’s Romantic Scene In The House

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The dynamics of the relation between Vishal and Madhurima are still unclear. Sometimes they are seen fighting with each other and other times loving each other. In the recent episodes, they had a huge fight and then they hugged in the last night’s episode.  

Vishal and Madhurima Hugging Each Other

 Sidharth was also seen doing some kind of fun with Madhurima where she says I will be back in ½ hour, now she goes and hugs Vishal tightly. Outside the door, Sidharth is seen looking at her and with hand moments she says coming in 5 minutes. This whole scenario looks interesting from today’s episode.  

Sidharth Shukla seeing this moment.

It seems like Vishal and Madhurima are confused with the relationship between them, Madhurima is nominated for this week and there might be chances that she might even get evicted. But for now she is enjoying the gala time with Vishal. 

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