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Shehnaaz Gill’s Reason Behind Slapping Herself

2 min read

Shehnaaz Gill was one of the most entertaining contestants in the house to date. She has shown every shade of her from being the strict captain to the stubborn child in this small span of time in the house.  

Now, she is holding all the limelight. She revealed why she beats herself and from whom she is inspired to do this. Her mom was someone who used to do this kind of activity in the house and that’s why she also does the same. Now, she proposed Sidharth Shukla and forcefully wants Sidharth to say back I Love You Too.  

Apart from that Vishal Madhurima and Mahira Paras are no less this couple are also having a lot of fights in the house. But for now, Sidnaaz is getting more famous in the house.  

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