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Krushna Abhishek To Shehnaaz Gill, “Ye Dono Ek Jaise Hain”

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Krushna Abhishek

The first family member to enter the bigg boss house was Krushna Abhishek Aarti’s brother. He shared that he feels proud of his sister and even Aarti got a little surprise as she got to see her chiku piku.  

Later, Krushna and Aarti came out of the living room and then Krushna met each and every housemate. Later while exiting he even met Shehnaaz and while exiting pointing towards his son he said “ye aur ye to same hai”. That was very funny and this also shows that Shehnaaz is no less than a child in the house.  

From her behavior in the last week, we can see that she is a spoiled child. She is obstinate for what the person or thing she requires in the house. This buzz is around that no one might enter the house from Rashami’s family.  

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