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Bigg Boss 13 extension Canceled Due To Low TRP

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bigg Boss 13 finale

Bigg Boss 13 was said to be extended for some more time but reports from spotboye are to be believed that it has been canceled.  

 This season we saw violence also but it was tolerated because everything that happened between Sidharth and Asim is providing the TRP to the show. However, after a certain period of time, people get bored of seeing these contestants fighting over small things. As we can see that there is no new or innovative content to show in bigg boss now.  

It’s not only between the contestants in the house but outside the house also there is a battle going on. The contestants became famous and by giving interview their family members are also known to the public. This is such a big show that can change one’s life. This time it might be the biggest drop down because the extension of such a big show is been canceled. 

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