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Secret Behind High TRP Of Bigg Boss

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Bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss had suddenly got back into the TRP chartbusters it has come up to number 3 to number 7. all the credit goes to the contestants in the house of course for doing fights over small things. This has continued to date, all we can say that Bigg Boss has hyped this time only and only because of fights.  

There is a lot of violence shown, some scenes are cut because of too many abuses. Outside the house clearly we can see a cold war between Asim and Sidharth fans. The main reason for TRP so high suddenly would be Sidharth and Asim. If anyone is asked who will be the winner it’s either Sidharth or Asim. So, they are the ones who have brought in all the TRP by doing violence, fight and abuses in the house.  

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